Sightseeing Information for Surrounding Area

Kanazawa Station

Kanazawa Station serves as the gateway to the region, welcoming visitors with the iconic Tsuzumi-mon Gate, a great selection of shops and restaurants, and more. In addition to serving as a transportation hub to and from cities both within and outside the prefecture, Kanazawa Station also boasts shopping areas that draw large crowds every day.


Kenrokuen Garden

One of the three finest gardens in Japan, the famous Kenrokuen Garden boasts beautiful Japanese scenery, offering an amazing array of nature throughout the year. The yukizuri support ropes, which protect trees from heavy snows, are an iconic symbol of Kanazawa’s beauty in winter.


21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

Today, the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art is renowned as one of the most popular sightseeing destinations in Kanazawa, where visitors can enjoy many inspiring works alongside a gift shop and restaurant.


Omicho Market

Omicho Market, also known as Kanazawa’s Kitchen, is the heart of local food culture. Drawing many tourists and locals alike, this market has a wide variety of fresh seafood and local fruits and vegetables. This is a perfect spot to try local cuisine, including seafood rice bowls made with locally caught fish.


Higashi Chaya Teahouse District

One of the classic teahouse districts of Kanazawa. This photogenic spot with the nostalgic beauty of olden Kanazawa attracts many tourists. The streets are lined with traditional machiya houses that are now used for stylish restaurants, café and craft shops, making it the perfect destination for shopping and dining. 

Kanazawa Castle Park

Kanazawa Castle Park is situated in the castle remains of the Maeda Clan, the feudal lords of the Kaga Domain. Inside the spacious park, many historic buildings are found, including the Hishi Yagura Watchtower, the Gojikken Nagaya Storehouse, and the Hashizume-mon Tsuzuki Yagura Watchtower. Every Friday, Saturday, and the nights before holidays, the park is lit up and becomes a breathtaking sight.


Nagamachi Samurai District

Walking through the stone-paved paths along earthen walls, explore the history of Kanazawa at the Nagamachi Samurai District where the atmosphere of the days of samurai can be felt even today. The irrigation channels here run along to Korinbo, a bustling downtown area lined with restaurants and shops.