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New Year's spiced sake called "Otoso" placed in the guest rooms.

We put "Otoso" in all guest rooms today, New Year's Eve.  "Otoso" is a spiced sake drunk in celebration of the New Year. Otoso has a special aroma and is believed by some people to be the elixir of life. A bag with several kinds of spices ground up and mixed together is soaked in sweet Sake in order to make . 

New Year's decoration ”Kadomatsu" placed at the entrance

We have placed Kadomatsu, New Year's decorative pine branches, on both sides of the front entrance during New Year's holidays.  It symbolizes longevity, prosperity, and purity.

Autumn leaves in the garden

Our garden begins to turn red little by little.  The season of beautiful autumn leaves starts.

New place to visit in Kanazawa, "Nezumitamon Gate"

From Kanazawa Castle Park, you will be able to go to Oyama Shrine and Nagamachi Samurai District through "Nezumitamon Gate", and you will be able to enjoy visiting Kanazawa even more.

Air purifiers in guest rooms


All guest rooms are equipped with air purifier NanoE. Since it is a ceiling-mounted type, clean air is constantly circulated in the guest room. The effects of NanoE have been proved by various research institutes, and mainly exert the suppressing effect on the following harmful substances.

Particulate matter 2.5

In addition, NanoE is also effective for beautiful skin and hair, and the water contained in NanoE regulates the water content of the skin and hair, and has a coating effect, so it is especially appreciated by female customers.
We will continue to provide our customers with safety and security.

Additional installation of air purifier

To prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infection, we installed additional air purifier in the shared space on the first and second floors.

Countermeasures against COVID-19 at our facility

We would like to introduce the main activities of our facility regarding coronavirus so that everyone can stay with a little peace of mind.
[Efforts in a shared space]
1. Installation of alcohol disinfectant
We have installed an antiseptic solution at the front desk and are working to create an environment where customers can feel secure.
2. Regular disinfection
Alcohol disinfection is carried out on places such as doorknobs, doors, handrails of stairs, and doors of restrooms that customers often touch.
3. Wearing a mask when serving
In consideration of the health and safety of our customers and public health, the hospitality staff wears masks.
[Efforts for employees]
1. Wearing a mask when going to work
Employees are required to wear a mask when going to work.
2. Physical condition check at work
We thoroughly check the body temperature and sterilize the fingers.

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